Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Fun

So as I am sitting here all I can think about is my new puppy!!! His name is Charlie and I didn't want to leave him this morning. He feel asleep in my lap while I browsing the internet before class, not like we hadn't just woken up 2 hours ago.

I was nervous when I was going to have to tell my parents what I had got for myself. But they fell in love with him as soon as he came over! Who wouldn't fall in love with that face!

He took that photo this morning with my webcam. He looked up just in time.
I am super excited. Still trying to figure out if he will be a good cacher or will just sleep?


  1. Aww! Cute pup!! I can see why it was so hard to leave him this morning. I used to feel that way about this kitten I fostered last summer...

  2. Yes he looks very cute...but slightly demonic in this picture...that could bring loads of trouble...or lots of fun!

  3. oh my gosh that dog is so cute