Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The World Cup isn't the only big going on in South Africa

So I stumbled on this news article and I couldn't help but think that what I was reading was not true. There is a town that wants to stay with whites only! What?!??! I still don't see how that is true. I guess there will always be racism in the world. It's a town called Orania in South Africa.

Since I didn't believe what I was reading I started to look up more about this country and found this article, it is from 2003 so the information may not be as up to date as the first one but still it is a crazy thing.

I know that I have joked about racism and my friends say crappy things about other races but I wouldn't have thought that in 2010 there was still a town that didn't allow black people into.

This was on my mind all day yesterday and I talked to so many people about to get there opinions on the issue. So let me know what you think I am fascinated by this idea and how I don't think it should be happening.


  1. South Africa is an odd country. They just finally did away with segregation, what, 20 years ago? No wonder they are still having issues. Eventually I think they will deal with it, and the younger generations will have a larger worldview. The internet does a lot of great things (and some bad ones), but talking to people and gaining a wider perspective will only continue in the future....
    My 2 cents.

  2. It is crazy to think about isn't it...I mean I have a whole side of my family who is black, I could not even imagine living in a world of segregation!!

  3. America did away with segregation 50 or so years ago and even we still have problems. It's a process I guess.

  4. Wow, incredible news article. I had no idea that such a thing was still going on. So sad.

  5. Firstly: Boers/Afrikaners are an ethnic group with there own language, they are an perpetual minority, so this type of consolidation action is normal, would you have had a moral issue if they where 100% black? In a country that is actually 90% black?
    Yes people differ and Yes they should have the freedom to choose, I live in SA have grown up with blacks and live in a mixed neighbourhood, but would like to live with my own people and speak our language, loving your own people does not mean hating other people. Forced integration is just as Forced as Forced segregation, and rape is rape. People should have the freedom to choose either way, and is that not true freedom? For what will freedom be without choices? I always say Racism is not something people do; Racism is something that Governments do!! But I like the writer’s comment of "a few white farmers have been murdered" he omitted that it’s a few thousand, wonder how he would feel if his family was part of the "few". You get black communities in America in Europe and Muslim communities, gay communities, Hippy communities, china towns everywhere and in all off Africa there is one not a 1000 just one white town and all the liberals immediately pee there panties, nooooo an abomination to mankind a sin unto God get the atomic bomb whites are living in piece segregated and happy, build gas chambers and kill the heretic babies. The only thing mankind has learned from history is that he will learn nothing from history. This town is growing step by step and we will have a city of our own in time, but put Afrikaners in contexts of there existence:

    And you can simply check in wikipedia the following: Boer; Great Trek; Afrikaner; Anglo-Boer war; Volkstaat. To at least understanding the people you are condemning.

  6. If you want the full debate here it is :

    There is also an intresting interview with the towns leader in Mp3 format.