Monday, June 7, 2010

When did we loose our Picassoism?

I know that I have my moments when I am not the most creative person out there but I would like to think that I have had my fair share of genius moments. Ken Robinson was right when he said that people have trouble speaking up about what they think because they are afraid that must be right. But in the Geocaching world one must be creative think outside the box.

If you wanna make a cache for someone to find you want it to be hard to find. My dad is amazing at that if I may so. I haven't ever been able to figure out how he comes up with some of the ones that he has but they get me every time.

We have been out caching and I have found some really creative ones that I want to show you.

This one was under a tree!

This one was cool because it was in a stick and
if you never picked it up I never would have found it.

Some of my favorites were by a cacher by the name of Darkmoon. He made one that was a night cache and we went out as a family and followed the deer markers all through the woods. It was such an amazing night of caching.


  1. Picassoism? How dare you break the rules like that! Great new word! Bravo.

    Another geocacher...look up Yogi's Den blog in Tulsa!

  2. Great to see another geocacher blogging here in OK. I love creative caches. I have found a few of Darkmoon's. He puts a lot of thought into them.

    If you are ever in Tulsa check out some that my son and I have placed. We go by YogiABB.

  3. I think Picassoism is a fantastic word!

    And on geocaching, my mother and I found one by accident when we were walking at Hafer Park a couple months ago and she explained it to me. Sounds like it could be really fun!

  4. Oh I know they are my favorites. I wish he had not quit because I have spent many hours looking for his. We are planning a trip to Tulsa hopefully some weekend to cache! I will let the the man in charge (my dad) know that we gotta look for some yogi caches!

  5. I've never heard of this before, but I'm putting it on my list! It sounds like a lot of fun.