Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Interest

When I started this I wanted to talk about my daily life and what all it goes into but now I am thinking I am changing. I want to talk about Geocaching.

For those of you who have not heard of geocaching it is a high tech hide and seek game. You use a GPS and look for hidden items around the world. Anywhere you go you will probably find one. For more info just check out the website It is so much fun!

I started caching in 2004 I think it has been awhile. We started as a family because my uncle got us into it. Sadly he doesn't play anymore but we have been keeping our family geocaching name up. We are The Farrill 4! My dad has pretty much taken over the name for us because he is the main cacher in the family.

My friends and I go out with him on the weekends. It is just as much fun as going to a party and staying out late. The picture is of all us going out one night for night caching.

Can't wait to tell you all the fun stories of caching and maybe we can all go out together!


  1. I've done this once, a long time ago. It was fun. We found a disposable camera up in a tree in the middle of nowhere kinda by Lake Thunderbird. We took a self pic and put it back. Someone, somewhere has a dirty sweaty pic of me....

  2. Hello!!! This sound like so much fun, just another reason for travel!! YAY