Thursday, June 17, 2010

Push over!

So this is probably one of my posts that I shouldn't write about and publish on the internet but I feel like everyone should know what this feels like.

I am an easy going person I am always down for whatever with my friends if you wanna see a movie I don't wanna see I will go and enjoy myself. No big deal I can see the one I want another time with someone else.

Well last night I didn't want to drive way north in Edmond because we were going to the park and there are a ton right by me. So I said something to my friend about not wanting to drive all the way up here. And she informed me that I was the only one that didn't want to drive that far and got upset and asked me where I wanted to go. Well being the easy going person that I am I said "I don't care it's where ever."

That was not the right time to say where ever because by that point she was mad that I didn't want to do what she wanted. So we got into a fight outside the restaurant and after a few choice words that shall not be repeated we ended up going to my apartment to take me home.

There were five of my friends that were with us and they all went back to my place and my friend who didn't get things her way went home. The four of us that were left stayed and played games at my place and had a wonderful evening and all the bad vibes were gone once she left.

I hate that I got into a fight with one of my really good friends and it was over something so stupid! And I am pretty sure that we both know it was about something stupid.

I don't know what to do or feel about the situation I want to just forget about it but I know that I won't someone that is my friend I feel like shouldn't make me feel that way and I know that if I was her I would have at least tried to say sorry by now. I haven't talked to her and we are suppose to see a baseball game tonight together. Now I am thinking that I kinda don't want to anymore. I wanna go have a good time but if things don't go her way it might be another few choice words.

So thanks for letting me rant on and on about this stupidness. I never have much drama in my life but I guess everyone gets in fights sometimes. And maybe this was to show me that I will never get to do what I want I will always be the push over.


  1. I am a huge push over and used to get taken advantage all the time by some bitchy girlfriends I day I just put my foot down and let them know they can't walk all over me anymore....and a few new friends later I have an amazing circle, and the ones who wanted everything there way just vanished out of my life...I dont need their negativity:) And neither do you!!

  2. Being in a fight with your friends is the worst. It turns my stomach whenever it happens. You can't bitch to the people you usually bitch to because they are what you're bitching about.

    A lot of girls will be passive-aggressive and harbor resentment until their dying day. (I've been guilty of this from time to time too.) I'm sure you guys can have an adult discussion and air things out without pointing fingers, but you might have to be the bigger person.

    Also, I like how you have Rilo Kiley on your playlist. I think Jenny Lewis reads my diary.

  3. That's too bad! If she's truly your friend it will work out for the best!!